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 Baby's First Felony (A Cecil Younger Investigation Book 7)- John Straley

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PostSubject: Baby's First Felony (A Cecil Younger Investigation Book 7)- John Straley    Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:36 am

Ratings: 5 Stars

This book review is very hard to write without giving spoilers so this review is going to be a bit different than others I have written.

Before I get started let me just say “I have never read any of Mr. Straley’s books and I have always read books in a series in their order. “ Well I stepped out of my comfort zone I tried a new author and I read a book that is not the first book of the series.

Mr. Younger a criminal defense investigator lives with his wife Jane Marie, their daughter Blossom and Todd who has Aspersers which is a form of autism they live in Sitka, Alaska. Sitka is the perfect setting for corruption, drugs, kidnapping, and murder. As a criminal defense investigator it is Mr. Younger’s job to keep his boss’s clients from incriminating themselves. He is a law-abiding citizen who has been pushed to his limits. Will Mr. Younger stay a law abiding citizen or will he be pushed to the criminal side of the society? This book had me in tears, my blood boiling and laughing until my ribs hurt. Although this book is fiction Mr. Straley did such an outstanding job in writing it that I could actually see this being on dateline files, date line, life time movie and a true crime story. The title of this book had peeked my interest along with my friend Ms. Becky and I must say that the title is what draws you in but it is not what keeps you drawn in. There is not much I can say that won’t give bits and pieces away. I can’t bring myself to give spoiler alerts so this review probably has you saying “This book sounds boring or why do a book review at all if you are only going to give just basic information?” Go to your local library, find the book, check the book out and read it. I would love to see what you thought of the book. Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Reading.

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Baby's First Felony (A Cecil Younger Investigation Book 7)- John Straley
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